Busy Airport - #2 St. Patrick's 2021 - Diggy's Adventure

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Walkthrough of Busy Airport showing all tiles, puzzles, treasures, and hidden bonuses.
After decorating the town, we are off to the busy airport to receive a band to play at the st. patrick's celebration. They're missing though, so we have to find them throughout the airport and later help them get instruments to play.

Guide & Timestamps:
1:01 - Enter Airport building.
1:37 - Get flight tickets.
2:55 - Treasure Part.
6:29 - Go through the planes to reach the other terminal.
12:15 - Find the other 2 members of the band.
13:49 - Get 3 musical instruments for the band.
14:07 - Going through the bags to reach the instrument.
16:13 - Follow the wires and place numbers 1 to 6 in order.
18:15 - Follow the band outside and talk to Eileen, quest complete.

St. Patrick's 2021 playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLvGcAUPohOJ3v_TI1ToKgOrknI7DcW1lk

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