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Imagine you’re driving along a remote highway late at night when you see a glowing object ahead of you right above the road. As you approach, you can see that it’s actually a saucer-shaped craft, a UFO! Suddenly, the UFO swoops down towards your car and starts following you down the highway. It circles around your car, hovering right above it, on either side, coming closer and closer. Your radio becomes filled with static, your headlights dim, and the car engine begins to sputter. Then the UFO takes control of the car!

This may sound incredible, but it happens more often than you might think. In fact, there are hundreds of UFO-car chases on record, coming from all over the world. These are among the most dramatic of UFO encounters. They have been occurring since at least the 1950s up to the present day. For some reason, UFOs love to play cat-and-mouse games with unwary drivers who suddenly find themselves driving fast and furiously to outrun a UFO that chases them down the highway, sometimes for hours!

The question is why? What exactly is it about people driving cars down highways late at night that attracts so many UFOs? This video presents dozens of cases of UFO car chases, from the 1950s onward, and coming from all across the planet. Here are a few of them.

1952: Gene Povey and two others are driving through the remote Storms River Pass in south Africa. Coming around a corner, they see a UFO blocking the road. The UFO zooms toward the car, forcing the driver to swerve to avoid it. The interior of the car lights up as bright as day. The UFO darts off, but little do they know their encounter has only just begun.

1967: A bus-driver is hauling a load of titanium along the A32 Highway near Reading, England. Without warning the engine to his bus dies. He notices a large object hovering above the road ahead of him. He gets the engine started and moves forward when the engine dies again. The object is now much closer. Afterward, the man’s hands and fingers are numb and a persistent toothache disappears.

1970: Reidar Salvesen is driving late at night to Kristiansand, Norway when a UFO approaches and swoops down ahead of him. He stops the car to observe when the craft zooms forward and hovers right over the hood. He falls to the ground, the windshield shatters and the object lifts up. Afterwards, his vision is altered, his mouth and tongue are numb, and the skin on his hands is burned to the point of peeling.

1972: The Hall family is returning to their home in Thief River Falls, MN. Mr. Hall notices a light pacing their car. They use a flashlight to blink at the craft, and it starts blinking back at them! Then, the object zooms towards their car, sending down a beam of light on them. The radio quits, the engine starts coughing, and a powerful heat envelops the witnesses. Mrs. Hall, who had a bad cold, realizes that her cold is gone!

1978: Three truckers are driving along the I-70 near Indianapolis, IN when a brilliant blue-white light shines down from above, causing all three truck engines to sputter. The beam lasts for about five seconds, then disappears. But when one of the trucks calls out on the CB, “Hey, UFO, if you have your ears on, I want to go with you,” the beam of light returns. The incident is witnessed by more than 100 people!

1981: Linda Brown and two others are driving along the I-93 near Meredith, NH when they notice a UFO pacing their car. Scared, they exit the freeway and drive to a gas-station. The UFO follows and drops down to 100 feet right over the station, where it hovers in place. After ten minutes, Linda drives away, and the UFO continues to follow them.

1982: France Collins and Maggie Yeend are driving late at night along the remote South Coast Highway in Australia. Suddenly an object drops down from the sky right in front of their car and zooms towards them in a collision course. For the next hour, the object follows them down the highway, scaring the daylight out of them.

1984: Carolyn Green and her son Timothy are driving along Highway 85 in Seven Points, TX when a UFO appears overhead and begins to wreak havoc with their car. The lights of their car begin flashing on and off by themselves and the UFO appears to take control of the car, which is now driving by itself.

1985: Ezio Zuliani, his wife and son notice a strange light following their car as they travel to their home in Bergamo, Italy. The object follows them for three hours, getting closer and closer. When they pull into a gas station, the object drops down and hovers right above them, in full view of several witnesses. When they leave the station, the object still follows them!

These are just a small sampling of the many cases of UFO-car chases. It appears that the UFO occupants are intentionally chasing cars down highways to announce their presence and let people know they are real! It’s certainly an experience that the witnesses will never forget!

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